Agritech Startup Vegrow Secures $46 Million Funding From GIC and Others

Agritech Startup Vegrow Secures $46 Million Funding From GIC and Others

Vegrow, the Bengaluru-based B2B fruit marketplace, has secured a fresh round of funding to fuel its growth ambitions. In a strategic move, the company secured an undisclosed amount in a Series C funding round, combining both primary and secondary investments. This boost will empower Vegrow to significantly expand its presence within India and solidify its global network.

Founded in 2020, Vegrow has positioned itself as a reliable partner for farmers by offering a comprehensive suite of tech-driven solutions. Their services go beyond mere marketplace connections, encompassing crucial aspects like crop advisory, grading, packaging, logistics, and sales. This holistic approach empowers farmers to navigate the intricacies of the supply chain and maximize their returns.

Vegrow's growth trajectory has been impressive. In July 2022, the company secured a $25 million Series B funding round led by Prosus Ventures. This latest injection of capital further validates the potential of Vegrow's model and its commitment to empowering the agricultural sector.

With the fresh funds in hand, Vegrow is poised to scale its operations both domestically and internationally. Expanding its reach within India will connect more farmers to the lucrative B2B marketplace, while strengthening its global network will open up new avenues for trade and collaboration.

Vegrow's success underlines the crucial role of technology in transforming the agricultural landscape. By providing farmers with access to efficient tools and a secure market platform, Vegrow is creating a win-win situation for both farmers and consumers. As the company continues to grow, its impact on the agricultural sector is sure to be significant, bringing greater transparency, efficiency, and prosperity to the industry.

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December 14, 2023

Kalpana Maurya