GPAI Summit 2023 | India will launch AI mission to boost Agriculture Education , Healthcare: PM

GPAI Summit 2023 | India will launch AI mission to boost Agriculture  Education , Healthcare: PM

India is set to launch an ambitious artificial intelligence (AI) mission aimed at bolstering the nation's computing power capacity, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Speaking at the inaugural session of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit 2023, Modi emphasized the mission's goal of providing better facilities for India's innovators and startups. The initiative will specifically promote AI applications in crucial sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and education. Modi stressed the need for inclusive AI development, rooted in human and democratic values, asserting that transparency and bias-free algorithms are essential for building trust in AI. He also highlighted the potential risks, including deep fake challenges, cybersecurity threats, and misuse of AI tools. The GPAI, a global alliance involving 29 countries, focuses on guiding responsible AI development grounded in human rights, diversity, and economic growth. The mission aligns with India's commitment to harnessing AI for inclusive growth and addressing the profound questions raised by disruptive technologies like AI

A Vision for Inclusive AI Development:

Modi underscored the importance of inclusivity in AI development, emphasizing that the benefits of this transformative technology should reach all users. He highlighted the correlation between an inclusive development journey for AI and the inclusivity of its outcomes. As the world navigates the path of AI evolution, Modi urged the incorporation of human and democratic values, advocating for a balance between efficiency, ethics, and emotional considerations.

Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw, added a broader perspective, stating that disruptive technologies like AI raise fundamental questions about how societies should adapt to them. India's commitment to harnessing AI for inclusive growth is reflected in its strategic approach, integrating AI across various sectors. From serving citizens through native language interfaces to enhancing healthcare accessibility and optimizing agricultural yields using precision techniques, India envisions AI as a catalyst for comprehensive development.

Transparency, Bias-Free Algorithms, and Trust-building Measures:

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the crucial role of transparency in the algorithms used for training AI models. The need for algorithms devoid of bias is paramount to assure people that AI technology operates for their benefit. Modi suggested that integrating upskilling and reskilling initiatives into the growth curve of AI would significantly contribute to building trust in this transformative technology.

Addressing Challenges and Mitigating Risks:

While acknowledging the immense potential of AI as a tool for development, Modi also highlighted its potential to become the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Deep fake technology, cybersecurity threats, data theft, and the possibility of terrorists gaining access to AI tools pose significant risks to the world. Modi emphasized the urgency of developing a comprehensive plan to prevent the misuse of AI and address these potential threats.

Global Collaboration through GPAI:

The GPAI, a global alliance comprising 29 countries including the US, the UK, the EU, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Belgium, and France, plays a pivotal role in guiding the responsible development and use of AI. Grounded in principles of human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation, and economic growth, the alliance aims to shape the future of AI on a global scale.

The GPAI Summit 2023 marks another milestone in the collaborative efforts to steer AI development responsibly. With the first three GPAI summits held in Montreal, Paris, and Tokyo, the alliance continues to foster international cooperation in addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.

As India steps into a new era of AI-driven innovation, the mission's success will undoubtedly shape the future landscape of technology, propelling the nation towards greater heights of inclusive and sustainable growth.

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December 13, 2023

Kalpana Maurya