Nykaa Q3 Soars: Fashion Vertical Catapults GMV 40% Higher YoY

Nykaa Q3 Soars: Fashion Vertical Catapults GMV 40% Higher YoY

Beauty and fashion giant Nykaa's Q3 FY24 performance painted a mixed picture, with its burgeoning fashion vertical stealing the show while the core beauty and personal care segment remained tepid. Despite strong long-term indicators, discretionary spending pressures dampened overall growth.

Fashion Charges Ahead: Nykaa Fashion continued its upward trajectory, recording "strong" growth in Q3 FY24. GMV is expected to surge by a whopping 40% year-over-year, while NSV growth is projected to reach the low-30s, showcasing the vertical's immense potential. This impressive performance stands in stark contrast to the previous quarter's slowdown and bodes well for future expansion.

Beauty Bets Hold Steady: While not exceeding expectations, Nykaa's BPC segment maintained decent growth with GMV expected to be in the mid-20s and NSV around 20% year-over-year. This moderate growth comes against the backdrop of a sluggish industry and reflects strategic discounts in mass and masstige categories. However, healthy order volume indicates strong customer demand remains intact.

Consolidated Growth Slows: Overall, Nykaa expects its NSV to grow in the mid-twenties and revenue in the low-twenties, demonstrating a slight moderation compared to previous quarters. Short-term pressures on discretionary spending, despite positive long-term macroeconomic indicators, are cited as the primary reason for this slowed growth.

Looking Ahead: Nykaa remains optimistic about the long-term outlook, fueled by strong GDP growth, stable interest rates, and rising GST collections. The company plans to:

  • Optimize pricing and discounting strategies across BPC and Fashion to improve profitability.

  • Further bolster customer engagement and brand loyalty in the Fashion segment.

  • Explore new growth avenues within both BPC and Fashion, including premium and luxury categories.

Analyst Reactions:

  • "Nykaa's Q3 performance highlights the resilience of its Fashion arm while raising concerns about BPC's near-term challenges," said Anuja Sharma, senior analyst at Motilal Oswal. "The focus on profitability and future growth plans are encouraging, but navigating the market headwinds will be crucial."

  • "Fashion's robust growth is a silver lining in Nykaa's Q3, with the potential to unlock significant future revenues," noted Rohan Singh, research head at Credit Suisse. "However, managing BPC growth and optimizing its profitability remain key priorities."

Market Response: Nykaa's Q3 update initially saw its shares jump over 5%, reflecting excitement about the Fashion segment's performance. However, the gains moderated later, indicating investor caution regarding BPC growth and overall market slowdown.

The Verdict: Nykaa's Q3 performance offers a complex picture. While BPC requires strategic maneuvering, Fashion's bright trajectory provides optimism. Nykaa's ability to adapt its pricing, diversify its offerings, and capitalize on long-term market trends will be critical in solidifying its position as a leading player in the evolving beauty and fashion landscape.

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January 8, 2024

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