PhonePe Appoints Ritesh Pai as Global Payments CEO.

PhonePe Appoints Ritesh Pai as Global Payments CEO.

PhonePe, the leading digital payments platform, has appointed Ritesh Pai as the CEO of its International Payments business, marking a strategic move for global expansion. Ritesh Pai, former President-Products and Solutions at TerraPay, brings a wealth of experience, having played a pivotal role in the global launch and implementation of payment products. His previous roles include Senior Group President and Chief Digital Officer at Yes Bank.

Sameer Nigam, CEO and Founder of PhonePe, expressed excitement about Pai's appointment, highlighting his significant contribution to PhonePe's early success with UPI. Nigam is confident that Pai will play a crucial role in leading the company's international growth plans.

Ritesh Pai commended PhonePe's achievements in India, emphasizing its market leadership driven by a strong commitment to product innovation and customer-centric solutions. He believes that this focus will propel PhonePe's success on the global stage.

With 50 crore registered users and 3.7 crore merchants, PhonePe has an extensive reach, covering over 99% of postal codes in India. The company has diversified its offerings, entering financial services and tech-enabled businesses like Pincode for hyperlocal shopping and the Indus App Store, India’s first localized App Store. The appointment of Ritesh Pai reflects PhonePe's strategic vision for international expansion and continued innovation in the digital payments landscape.

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January 7, 2024

Kalpana Maurya